Church School

Children from the nursery school through high school are highly encouraged to learn about our Orthodox faith through their participation in our Sunday school program. Starting in September and continuing through May, Sunday school begins immediately after Holy Communion every Sunday.  Contact the church to enroll your child in Sunday school.
As the Church School Director I am looking forward to working with my staff, teachers AND with YOU
(the St. Nicholas parishioners), to enrich the lives of our children. St. Nicholas is our spiritual family and we all should take part in educating our youth (the you of tomorrow). As a community, we need to show our children our love and devotion to our Orthodox faith. This year’s Church School theme is “Living Orthodoxy.” Each week in the bulletin, Church School students will be given an assignment to ‘live Orthodoxy’ by being good stewards of the church by using their time, talent and treasure in Service to our Families, Friends, Neighbors, Community and Christ.

Please take the time to look over the attached Church School Calendar, fill out the registration form and volunteer your time, talent and treasure to help our children.   And thanks for sharing your children with us every Sunday!
Yours in Christ,  Michelle Marie Kotsagrelos

2017 Church School Graduation Photos